2014, October 13 to 16
Atoms for the Future
Design, Licensing and Construction of Nuclear Power Plants

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October 13th  and 14th: conferences

Top-level executives and various high-ranking speakers will discuss “Design, Licensing and Construction of Nuclear Power Plants” in Paris, at the UIC building near the Eiffel Tower (address: Union Internationale des Chemins de Fer, 16 rue Jean Rey, 75015 Paris). All lectures and discussions will be held in English.

You will be able to find the program of the lectures on the SFEN JG website http://www.sfenjg.org/Atoms-for-the-Future-2014

October 15th and 16th: technical visits

The two following days will be the opportunity to benefit from the visits we have prepared for you, in accordance with our 2014 theme “Design, Licensing and Construction of Nuclear Power Plants”.

Visit of AREVA facilities in the Chalon area


The Chalon/Saint-Marcel AREVA plant manufactures the components made in the Creusot factories to assemble the key components of nuclear reactors. It currently is the leading industrial site in the world for manufacturing components for EPR type generation III+ reactors.

The Creusot Forge and Mécanique factories are specialized in the supply of big forgings and castings primarily destined for the nuclear market.



Visit of the EDF Flamanville 3 EPR Nuclear Power Plant construction site


In preparation for the replenishment of French nuclear generating capacity, the EPR construction project is now underway on the  Flamanville-3 site in Normandy (northwest France).

The visit will provide you a unique experience to have an overview of the site activities which gathers all construction, erection and commissioning activities.


Partnership with the “World Nuclear Exhibition”

WNE will take place in Paris-Le Bourget.. Attendees to Atoms for the Future 2014 will have the opportunity to visit the first World Nuclear Exhibition for free (a dedicated pass provided by the organization will be required to access the exhibition).  Additional information will be given later.

To find out more on WNE, please visit WNE website http://www.world-nuclear-exhibition.com/.