2014, May 14 + 15
FFF 2014
future fission and fusion
First Announcement

the purpose...

... of this event is to present the latest developments and innovations in the area of future fission projects (GEN IV fast neutron reactors for sustainable nuclear energy systems) and of fusion (ITER project and long term fusion development plans). This will be a unique opportunity to be informed of national and international ptojects in the field and to share together the latest works in materials behavior, construction process, methods, techniques, engineering and design.

and the objective...

...  is to bring together researchers and industrial partners from all over the world and promote the exchanges of advanced and state of the art information on the ongoing research and development activities dealing with future fission and fusion projects

The Scheme

>>> 1 full day conference embedded within ENC 2014 on May 14 at Marseille Exhibition and Convention Center-Parc Chanot

>>> 1 extra day on May 15 dedicated to a technical visit of the ITER site works and the Cadarache CEA research center with the RJH reactor and Tore-Supra facilities

♦More information (Preliminary Program, Registration...) will be available end of January♦