France, Avignon, 2014, September 15 │18
Fontevraud 8
Contribution of Materials Investigations and Operating Experience to LWRs’ Safety, Performance and Reliability
Information to speakers



The internet interface to upload your oral presentation is CLOSED

We invite you from now until Sunday 5: 00 pm to send your files (or your updated files) by email to ADAVANCECOM.

Oral presentations will be managed and centralized by a technician in the preview room “Herses Notre-Dame”. We kindly ask you to check with this person (Michel RISSONS) at least 4 hours before the beginning of the session in which your oral presentation is scheduled that the uploaded file has been successfully loaded on the computer and we ask you to copy it on a USB device

Key Dates

> 2013, October 31 = abstract submission

2014, January = notification of acceptance [oral and poster selections]

2014, May 31 = full papers [oral and poster selections]

2014, September 10 = PowerPoint presentations [oral selections]