France, Avignon, 2014, September 15 │18
Fontevraud 8
Contribution of Materials Investigations and Operating Experience to LWRs’ Safety, Performance and Reliability

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Authors Guidelines

Papers and Posters



Papers may be submitted for oral or poster presentation.
Extended abstract:  2 pages including tables, figures and references ;
Full paper: 12 pages maximum including tables, figures and references.
Poster: A0 format that you must print out. A display panel will be made available onsite.


Indicate all co-authors names and their affiliations. Indicate the contact author with an asterisk.  

Manuscript content

The content of the manuscript must include the objectives of the research, the methodology used, the new theory/models/methods/applications highlighting the main findings and results with related comments and conclusions, the originality/interest of the work and its perspectives in terms of R&D and/or applications. Sufficient details must be included in the extended abstract for the reviewing.

Manuscript selection

The selection of oral and poster sessions will process the relevance of the subject: a particular interest will be borne in papers addressing questions of Operating Experience and Materials Ageing Management, for which a priority will be given for oral presentations. Other selection criteria will also include the relevance of the methodology used, validity of method, clarity of the text.

Conference track-lines and sessions

The definitive conference track-lines and related sessions will be specified after the peer-review.


All submissions must be in English.

Author responsibility

It is the responsibility of the author to get all internal reviews and institution approvals prior submission.


Abstracts (PDF documents) submitted during the Call for Papers period and selected will be included in the Book of Abstracts given onsite to each delegate.

Full papers [oral and poster selections] will be published on the symposium CD-Rom.

Significant papers may be published in the SFEN official publication: "Revue Générale Nuclaire".

A post conference CD Rom will include full papers, oral presentations slides and poster boards presentations.



The template is the same for the extended abstract and full paper [oral and poster selections].The extended abstracts and full papers must be submitted in pdf format. It is the author’s responsibility to check the pdf version of the paper to ensure proper final use (in particular check the “embed all fonts” option). 

The deadline for full paper submission

May 31, 2014 

Online submission is the only way to submit your full paper.

Complete all information indicated on the Submission Form (especially required

> Format of the field "Paper Title" (example)
   Experiences and Investigations to Improve the Safety and Performance of LWRs

> Format of the field "Complete authors list with company and country" (example)

   N. Whitehouse, B. Jordan (Company A) - USA, A. Matthews (Company C) - UK,
   A. Doulot (Company D), V. Toylemonde (Company E) - France

> Only one abstract (in one unique PDF file) by form submission.

   information in the Author Comment of the Submission Form

> This abstract (if accepted) will be included in the book of abstracts given onsite 

We strongly recommend to print (button on the upper right of the abstract submission
   form)  or save the Abstract Submission Form before submitting (after submission you
   cannot come back to the form)

Acknowledgement of receipt:

All submissions will be acknowledged (an automatic email is sent by the website). For your information some companies firewalls stop the reception of this message.

If you do not receive an acknowledgment within one hour of submitting your extended abstract, to ensure the success of its submission please contact the Fontevraud 8 Event

Technical Tracks

① Pressure Vessel - PV

② Pressure Vessel Internals - PVI

③ Stainless Steel Corrosion - SSC

④ Nickel Alloy Corrosion - NAC

⑤ Piping, Pumps, Valves - PPV

⑥ Steam Generator - SG

⑦ Steam Water Systems - SWS

⑧ Turbine, Alternator - TA

⑨ Fuel, Control Rod Assembly - FCRA

⑩ Civil Engineering - CE

Key Dates (deadlines)

> 2013, October 31 = abstract submission

> 2014, January = notification of acceptance [oral and poster selections]

> 2014, May 31 = full papers [oral and poster selections]

> 2014, September 10 = PowerPoint presentations [oral selections]