France, Avignon, 2014, September 15 │18
Fontevraud 8
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Good to know

... before coming

> In Avignon, French and English are spoken
> The currency is the euro (€)
> Avignon is in the GTM +1 time zone
> The electricity network has adopted the European standard of a tension of 230 V, with a
    frequency of 50 Hz.
Banks are usually open from Monday to Friday; automatic cash distributors function 24/24
Shops are open from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm (on average); they are closed on
    Sunday and public holidays
Tips are appreciated but not obligatory
> Not all taxis accept payment by banker's card
> The Avignon City Council collects a visitor tax that applies to paying accommodation. The tax
   varies from €0.20 to €1.50 per person and per day, and is included in the price of rooms

How to get to Avignon (complete useful information)

> by car 
A7 and A9 highways
itinerary, toll prices, road works… 

> by high-speed train 
Avignon TGV Méditerranée train station - direct from Paris 2:40
timetable, fares, booking... 

> by plane 
Marseille Provence Airport from Paris Orly Ouest and Paris Charles de Gaulle– 1:10
timetable, fares, booking... 


The Mediterranean climate, temperate and windy offers 300 sunshiny days.
Weather in September:
<Lowest =18°C..........Average = 24..........Highest 27°C>
Rain 29 mm


People needing to obtain a visa to stay in France should apply to the French consulate in their country. Details of addresses can be found on the website of the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs: ['coming to France']