France, Avignon, 2014, September 15 │18
Fontevraud 8
Contribution of Materials Investigations and Operating Experience to LWRs’ Safety, Performance and Reliability

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→ Official portal of the Avignon City Council
The medieval city of Avignon is situated at the crossroads of Provence and Languedoc, near the Mediterranean, at equal distance of Italy and Spain. During the middle-age the town was an economic and cultural strategic site and became, with the arrival of popes in the 14th Century, a second Rome. Between Lyons and Arles, on the Rhône River, close to various well known sites (Pont du Gard, the Camargue, Lubéron and Ventoux, Baux de Provence…) the city will give you a lot of attractive incentives, touristic as well as professional.

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→ France Diplomatie: The official website to find all information you need about getting a visa