May 2-6, 2011 - France
International Congress on Advances in NPPs - Nice
"Performance & Flexibility: The Power of Innovation" - Exhibition & Conference
Japanese & Closing Presentations


ICAPP is the 2011 INTERNATIONAL EVENT to meet worldwide experts of the nuclear industry and to review the recent evolution in reactor physics, thermal-hydraulics, materials, operation and maintenance, safety and licensing of NPP. •Three major themes: –Fukushima –International response - Global perspective

> Pictures of the Special Address Session on the right : M. Bigot, CEA Chairman - M. Kirienko, ROSATOM Director General

Special Japan Session:  Presentations > 1-ICAPP_Omoto2.pdf   >  2-ICAPP Fukushima Accident_Masui.pdf  >  3-ICAPP-0503P_Sato.pdf     

> Closing with the Program Committee Chair:  Conclusions_CARRE_Frank .pdf      

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> ICAPP’ 2012 - June 24-28, 2012 in Chicago, Illinois, USA - Hyatt Regency Chicago
ICAPP’ 2013 - Spring 2013 Jeju Island (RoK) - Lotte Hotel