September, 25-29, 2011 - Reims
ICEM'11 - International Conference & Exhibition
Environmental Remediation & Radioactive Waste Management
RDV in Reims!



ICEM'11 will be the fourteenth in a series of international conferences on environmental remediation and radioactive waste management organized by the ASME and other technical societies.
 The ASME and SFEN will coordinate the 2011 edition to be held in Reims (France) on September 25-29, 2011. The ICEM conferences benefit from world-wide participation from more than 30 countries.  

ICEM promotes a broad global exchange of information on technologies, operations, management approaches, economics and public policies in the critical areas of environmental remediation and radioactive waste management. The conference provides a unique opportunity to foster cooperation among specialists from countries with mature environmental management programs and those from countries with emerging programs. AdvanceProgram.pdf  


This conference is jointly sponsored by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and Societe Francaise d’Energie Nucleaire (SFEN). Sponsorships by major international technical societies are being pursued.

ICEM’11 is also organized in cooperation with the US DOE, NRC, EPA, the UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), along with the IAEA and several other major international technical societies and governmental agencies.