2014, September 1 │4 - France, Paris
TINCE 2014
2nd International Conference on Technological Innovations in Nuclear Civil Engineering

The purpose of this event is to present the latest innovations in the technological framework of the nuclear civil works. These advancements imply sharing together the latest works in materials, construction process, methods, techniques and design. This requires discussing the latest progress accumulated through modeling, testing, and industrial feedback. This means characterize the behavior of materials and structures linked to these newest technologies in order to improve their assessment, design and appropriate usage.
The objective is to bring together researchers and industrial practitioners from around the world to assess the latest frontiers of the technologies in the field of nuclear civil works.
The scope:  The conference will consider 5 principal topics into several themes, Advanced Materials, Design and Hazard Assessment, Civil Works Construction, Long Term Operation, Dismantling of civil works.

The format:
> 3 days of conference talks and posters, and one day dedicated to technical visits.

> Due to numerous demands, thefull-paper submission deadline is extended to the 18th of July. This extension will be the last one.

> 2014, July 18                            Full paper submission
> 2014, August 15                      Oral presentation submission
>>> Online registration will be open early April 2014.